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Gamers Challenge

The Gamers Challenge is a good way to read, write, have fun, and earn prizes.  Teens/Kids need to complete challenges such as, playing a specific video game at the library, reading selected gaming articles, or completing other gaming related activities. 


1. You many only complete one Gamers Challenge sheet a month.

2. Each time you complete a challenge you get a stamp.

3. Each stamp gets you a random piece for the puzzle on the Gamers Challenge sheet.

4. Read each article and answer the corresponding questions.

5. You do not need to complete the challenges in order.

6. There is a new challenge each month.



1. Complete 15 challenges to win a prize from Box A (Prizes include Funko Pop collectible figures, posters, teddy bears, etc.)

2. Complete 20 challenges to win a prize from Box B (Prizes include Q-Pop collectible figures, posters, graphic novels, etc).


Cesar Chavez Library