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The Salinas History Project aims to present a narrative of urban history that brings the multiple and separate communities in Salinas together to showcase the complex story of this municipality from its nineteenth century founding to the present, with special emphasis on the period after World War II when population growth exploded and urban renewal and redevelopment were in full swing.

Director Dr. Carol Lynn McKibben is an Organization of American Historians Distinguished Lecturer and has worked as lecturer in the Department of History and Urban Studies at Stanford University since 2006.

Dr. McKibben has been teaching and doing community based research on the Monterey Peninsula

First Draft
Read pages 1-20 of the first draft HERE

Dear All,
Welcome to our first substantive meeting for the Salinas History Project. I am submitting the first twenty pages of Chapter One (as promised) for your review. Please feel free to mark it up with your thoughts, critique, comments and any suggestions for revision. I welcome all of your input.

We plan to meet at the Steinbeck Branch of the Salinas Public Library on Wednesday June 14 at 10am-11am. We will do as we did last time. I will meet you at the front door and we will hold our discussion downstairs.

A note on the Chapter: Although the focus of this work will be the years following World War II, I thought it best to begin at the beginning, which is in the nineteenth century. This section aims to explain how and why Salinas was founded in the context of American (and California) history, and includes bibliographical context as well.

Carol Lynn McKibben, Ph.D.


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